The Effects of Rhema

Rhema is God's word spoken with His mouth,which produces His results.Consider Isaiah 55:11.So shall my word be that goes forth out my mouth;it shall not return unto void,but it shall accomplishing that which I please.

Rooted And Grounded In The Word

How do we get rooted and grounded in the word,we begin with good seed in good soil. The good seed is the Gospel of Jesus.Our soul is the soil,we must break up the fallow ground and sow in righteousness (Ephesians 3:17,Hosea 10:12.

Listen Before You Speak

Whenever we began to answers a person before the person finishes making his or her point,we are both foolish and rude.Provebrs 18:13 Says he that answers a matter before he hears it,it is folly and shame unto him.

The Spirit Of Wisdom And Revelation

Here we see Paul was praying for what was valuable and important in the lives of the saints.He prays that the eyes of their understanding may be enlightened,that they may know what is the hope of his calling.Ephesians 1:16-19,Matthew 6:33.

Disarming The Booby Traps

Important decisions never simple.There are always important factors hidden beneath the surface that must be searched out and considered.Proverbs 14:15 The naïve believes everything,but a wise man looks well to a matter.

Be Doers Of The Word

Most people today looking for a word Want something deep some new revelation some exciting stuff And there is nothing wrong with something fresh But I want to ask you one question What have you done with all that preaching and teaching that you have already received...

Reconnecting to God and Your Purpose

If you feel as though you are disconnected from God, the Church, your purpose, people, and feeling misunderstood and no one cares about you? There is a place for you here at Agape Christian Fellowship. A.C.F. is a multi-cultural church that's rooted in the Love of...

The Favor Of God

Everyone needs a favor occasionally. There are people around you, friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, that we have done favors for. They may have done favors for you. What does having the favor of God mean? Favor means to give special regard to, to show...