What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!

The bible says in Luke 6:31 (NIV) "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Our Mission

A ministry of evangelism, outreach, development and helping people grow into an intimate relationship with JESUS CHRIST so that they may know him.

Our Vision

To be a unified multi-cultural Church for all people.

Vision Impact!

In order to expand our reach and grow together with our community, we are entering a season where we are launching a capital campaign called “Vision Impact.” “Vision Impact” is more than a capital campaign. It’s about the future of our church and what God wants to do through each of us individually, as families and as a church to reach this generation and beyond for His glory and to expand His kingdom!

Vision Impact Total Dollar Amount

Chairs Purchased Dollar Amount (Goal $8144.09)

Building Together Campaign Dollar Amount

Psalm 150 Challenge Dollar Amount

How You Can Help

Buy-A-Chair Campaign

Help make space for others to worship and provide more comfortable seating for everyone by making a donation to purchase NEW chairs for our NEW Sanctuary.

As we continue to grow, we prayerfully ask that you donate your time and talents to the ministry.  Together we can make an impact!
Psalm 150 Challenge
“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.” With Psalm 150 as our challenge, join us by giving each month as little or as much as you can to reach the goal of $150 from now until November 2020.
Building Together Campaign
The Building Together Campaign started in February 2020.  Through your donation, Agape Christian Fellowship will be positioned to purchase a building that will increase sustainability and longevity for continued ministry in the Augusta community and beyond.

Building Together Campaign


Together we ask the Lord to help us prepare for an even

greater future of building His kingdom.

Join us each time we celebrate a giving milestone.

We will enjoy the progress and give God all of the Praise.

Trust God with the Timing.  We are not setting any giving goals related to this Fund.

We believe that God will guide His people and we believe God’s people will respond.  (Giving code building)


Buy-A-Chair Campaign

As we plan to move to our permanent home, we will be in need of 100 beautiful chapel chairs!  We are asking each family to purchase a chair for $75 dollars.  Each chair will come complete with a bookshelf, communion cup, and a card pocket.  After your purchase, you will have the unique opportunity to dedicate your chair to a special loved one.  Their names will be engraved on dedication plaques that will be displayed in the sanctuary. Help us reach our goal of $8144.09! (Giving code chair)

1 chair $75 (Bronze)

2 chairs $150 (Silver)

3 chairs or more $225 (Gold)

Psalm 150 Challenge


“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.”

With Psalm 150 as our challenge, join us by giving each month as little or as much as you can

to reach the goal of $150 from now until November 2020.  (Giving Code Psalm).


      Your generous donation will impact our community for future generations!


Stay tuned for Vision Impact events!

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

Local 150


Local 119

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 119 Mobile, Alabama

Catalyst Community Church

Orlando, Florida

Nations Christian Fellowship, Inc

4230 Bel Air Frontage Rd. Augusta, Ga 30909

Agape Christian Fellowship

Pastors James & Sharon Peoples

Local 421

Plumbers & Pipefitters , North Charleston, SC 29405

Local 8

Plumbers & Gasfitters , Kansas City, MIssouri 64130

Amanda Newman

Ministers Elwood & Eloise Warrick

Pamela Journie

Apostle William Griffin

Elmo Cameron

Tommy Cartagena

Julius Raynor

Buy-A-Chair Campain Contributors

Bo Walden


Lisa Stanfield

Pastors Lui & Lupe Salt

Sharon Moody

Naomi Fester


Agape Christian Fellowship is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and your gifts are tax-deductible.

Ways To Donate

             Text Messaging




Send a text to 888-212-6276 with the amount you wish to give in the message.  Put a $ before the amount you wish to give (ex. $25).  If you are giving to a specific campaign or challenge use the advertised giving code ($6 building, $10 Psalm, $75 chair, etc.) It’s simple, secure and quick to sign up and support the church.  You will receive a reply text immediately for you to complete the transaction.  If you have any questions, contact Pastor James L. Peoples @ 706-533-8812.  


We have a time of response where the tithe and offering basket is passed. Cash and checks can be placed in the baskets at this time.

Through the Mail

If you wish to mail in your giving,

please send to:

Agape Christian Fellowship

3006 Yellowwood Ct.

Hephzibah,  GA  30815

Our Website

You can give through our website by clicking on the Giving tab on top of website or click this link.