About Our Church

We are to be a multi-cultural body functioning and moving together as one vibrant, living organism, all having the same mind, and echoing and exemplifying a common word to all peoples and nations.
If we all stand together, if we all speak the same word, and if we all have the same mind, we can accomplish what God is saying to us. (1 Corinthians 1:10)



AGAPE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP began with a prayer in the hearts of Lead Pastor James L. Peoples and his wife, first lady, Pastor Sharon Peoples, “To Make Him Known.”

With the help of a core group of committed  people to seeing the dream become a reality, AGAPE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP launched on February 7, 2016.  That Sunday, a number of people attended our first service at the Diamond Lakes Community Center.

From the very beginning, AGAPE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP prioritized reaching out to the non-churched community with the belief and pursuit that everybody’s invited, everybody’s included, and everybody’s important.  God has used the relevant and life giving message of the Gospel, the passion and joy of Sunday services, the drive to relationships, and a simple way of doing church to bring immediate and consistent growth.